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Galloway cattle originated in the rugged hills of south west Scotland.  Recorded history shows that Galloways have been successfully raised in in the harsh climate of Galloway for four centuries. There is also evidence that the rugged hill cattle reported in the annals of Roman Britannia were Galloways.

In addition to the ancient records, many modern studies of Galloway cattle have been done attesting to the remarkable qualities of the breed. These studies, which back up the claims of our many breeders will in time will be added to the “Why Galloways?” page of this web site as author/publisher permissions are available.

Galloway World Congress:

The next World Congress will take place in 2016 at Gretna Green, Scotland.

Information can be found on the 2016 Galloway World Congress page of this web site or on the World Congress pages in Galloway Cattle Society web site.


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Galloway Cattle


Distinctive white band around their midriff

(black, dun or red)

(top photo)


Solid colour

(black, dun or red)

(centre photo)


White with coloured tips

(foreground, bottom photo)